We know that your ideas grow best in a challenging environment where a team of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds come together to think outside the box. This is what you will find at momox, Europe's leading online buying-and-selling service for books, CDs, movies, games and fashion. 

We are a growing re-commerce business with the mission to “give your used products a new home”. For you that means you support us in our tech and development team to keep expanding our service that is already used by millions of customers. A challenge that is both meaningful and keeps you growing. And we know that you achieve the best results having fun along the way. That is why we not only give you great benefits and a working environment that supports your goals, but we also grant you 10% of your time to pursue your passion project.
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How We Work 

For our culture it is important that everyone takes full responsibility for our product and discusses new ideas freely. We don’t care about hierarchies but about passionate people that enjoy challenging each other and give constructive feedback. Our teams are self-organised to further develop our platforms and technologies. The respective product owners are responsible for their own product, which they advance according to the OKRs set for each quarter. And the most important part is: We have each other's back, search for the best and not the quickest solution – and we have fun along the way. 

Constant development

We want you to grow. That means that you are not only learning by doing, and by interacting with a capable team of passionate professionals in an open-minded environment, but also that we actively promote your development. Of course you can rely on a development budget to further build on your strengths. On top of that 10 percent of your time is at your disposal. One day of a 14-day-sprint is up to you to advance your own passion projects, learn a new programming language or whatever keeps you thinking in new ways.





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