Technological processes run through all of our business areas - starting with the algorithm for purchasing and price determination through our online shops and apps to the logistics centres. To do this, our employees in the Tech & Development area work continuously on the further development of our platforms and technologies. In interdisciplinary teams, in which specialists from the areas of buying and selling, external marketplaces, pricing, logistics, BI and apps come together, we forego unnecessary hierarchical levels and instead rely on self-organised and agile teams. They receive constructive feedback, assistance and support in sprints with daily standups and retrospectives from product owners, scrum masters and agile lead developers. 

How We Work 

Our tech teams are self-organised to further develop our platforms and technologies. Our flat hierarchies help to ensure that every team member looks after their issues responsibly and at the same time comes up with new ideas or constructive feedback within the team. As part of mid-management, the respective product owners are responsible for their own product, which they advance according to the OKRs set for each quarter. There is open and direct communication between the teams and the management. 

Constant development

For us, the continuous development of every team member is particularly important. This not only enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of technological developments, but also to use them innovatively in our company. The continuous development of the individual employees leads to the innovative development of the entire company. That is why we particularly value a culture of openness to new things, ideas and change. In order to promote this in the best possible way, all developers have a total of one day at their disposal within a 14-day sprint to advance their own projects, train themselves further or learn new programming languages. We have also established both internal and external tech talks so that we can keep thinking outside the box.

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