Our customer support is responsible for customer service and all customer care. The team quickly helps our customers by phone or e-mail in a friendly and uncomplicated manner with all questions about the purchase or sale of products, orders, returns, payment methods or shipping problems. Customer support has a large share in the company's external perception by our users and potential customers and represents an important part of momox's communication strategy.



The team in the back office is responsible for cross-departmental questions from all areas of the company and therefore has a very broad range of tasks. In addition to customer support for our momox, medimops and ubup brands, the back office team is also the point of contact for logistics centres, marketing, IT and accounting. If processes in a company area are changed, the back office team ensures that the changes can be seamlessly integrated into the existing company structure. The team is also the contact person for the various shipping and payment service providers and looks after the marketplaces.