Selling has never been easier

With momox you can sell your books, DVDs/Blu-rays, CDs, games and clothing quickly and safely at a fixed price.

SchrittenVisit and start looking for the item you want to sell by entering the ISBN, EAN or an item description. You will them receive the purchase price right away. It’s even easier with the new momox app for Android and iOS. By using the barcode scanner, you can easily scan items with your smartphone. Following this, package all your items and send them to us using our free shipping label. A few days later, you will receive your money in your account.

momox: easier, cheaper and safer:

  • With very little effort, you can sell a large quantity of items at fixed prices
  • No tedious auctions with uncertain outcomes
  • No fees or hidden costs
  • We take responsibility for the resale risk and delivery costs

We give second-hand items a new home!

German households own more than 17 billion books, DVDs/Blu-rays and CDs in total. More than half of these items are sitting patiently on over-filled shelves after being used once while their owners are out buying new stuff that will shortly join them. Would’nt it be freeing to get rid of some stuff and create more space in yur home? Momox offers a quick and convenient alternative to auctions and flea markets.

Handy-AppThe momox app makes selling even easier!

Using the free momox app for Android and iOS, selling is even easier. The app allows you to scan the barcode of books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games quickly. After your items have been scanned, the purchase can be completed and you can print your free shipping label to send your sold items to our ware.