We know our carbon footprint

We calculated our emissions for 2020 and 2021 in collaboration with Planetly1. We split our analysis into two areas:

  1. Emissions avoided by reselling second-hand products rather than buying new goods
  2. momox carbon footprint

1. Emissions avoided

Grafik vermiedene Emissionen
2. momox footprint

Grafik momox Fußabdruck
Scope 1 & 2

Grafik Scope 1 & 2
Scope 3

Grafik Scope 3
momox emissions by category in 2021
Kreisdiagramm Emissionen nach Bereichen

1. Emissions avoided

We measured all the CO2 emissions generated along our value chain – from procurement and packaging through to logistics and transport. We then compared these emissions with those generated when a new garment, book or media item is produced. This allowed us to calculate the CO2 saved per item. In 2021, together with our customers, we saved even more emissions than the previous year thanks to an increase in sales – over 53,000 tonnes of CO2, to be precise.

Item typeCO2 saved per unitReduction in CO2 emissions2CO2 saved per yearEveryday equivalent
Books 1,28 kg CO2 63 % 36,288,977 kg

Travelling the world’s longest flight route 10,865 times (Singapore – New York)

Media 0,44 kg CO2 48 % 4,281,656 kg

Driving around Australia 3,260 times in a petrol car

Fashion3 Up to 6.42 kg CO2, depending on the garment (this is the amount saved for a jacket) 59 % 12,653,272 kg


248 cups of coffee4

2. momox carbon footprint

All Scope 3 categories at a glance

Icon Transport
Icon Verpackung
Icon Abfall
End-of-life treatment and disposal
Icon Marketing
Online & TV marketing
Icon Finanzdienstleistungen
Financial services
Icon Miete
Icon IT- und Serverdiensteete
IT and server services
Icon Reinigungsservice
Cleaning services
Icon Maschinen
Icon Büro- und IT-Equipment
Office and IT equipment
Icon Möbel
Icon Dienstreisen
Business trips

Actions taken to reduce emissions since 2020

Logistics and communications with customers

Icon Grünstrom

Switch to green electricity & use of LEDs at all three sites

Icon DHL

Shipping via DHL GoGreen + DHL carbon report

Icon Transporte

Use of reusable boxes that can be stacked high for internal shipments

Icon Transporte

Reducing shipments within Poland by merging sites

Icon Recycle Anteil

Increasing the percentage of recycled material (from 60% to 80%) in the plastic shipping bags used for fashion items

Icon Klebeband

Use of environmentally-friendly adhesive tape

Icon Füllmaterial

Reducing our use of packing material

Icon Digital

Reducing our use of paper by transitioning to digital dispatch notes and invoices

Icon Recycle

Move towards 100% recycled cardboard packaging

Icon Füllmaterial

Initiatives designed to facilitate more conscious shopping among customers, such as providing information about the CO2 emissions generated by momox fashion items, which clearly shows customers how much CO2 they save by buying each item

Office & people

Icon Heizregler

Automatic heating controls in the Berlin office

Icon Büromaterial

Sustainable office supplies

Icon Geldpsende

Annual donation to selected NGOs in place of Christmas gifts for employees

Icon BVG

Subsidy on BVG ticket and fitness

Icon Recycle

Comprehensive recycling system

Icon Events

Various staff events designed to raise awareness of sustainability

We believe that there is still a lot of untapped potential. Here is what we are currently working on:

Logistics and communications with customers

Icon Grünstrom

Reducing the amount of paper used in the picking process

Icon Retoure

Reducing return rates in sales and rejection rates in purchasing

Icon Transporte

Reducing the number of internal transport routes

Icon Transporte

Sustainable transport via slow shipping (longer delivery times due to more efficient routes, transport by train or fewer partial shipments) and shipping to parcel lockers

Icon Verpackung

Packaging: enhancing packaging and shipping bags

Icon IT Prozesse

Optimising external servers and IT processes

Icon Marketing

Streamlining marketing costs

Icon Ziele

Examining the sustainability goals of our largest suppliers & service providers and their compatibility with our goals

Icon Kleidung

Optimising the recycling process for unsold garments & accessories in the spirit of the circular economy

Icon Co2

Providing information about CO2 emissions generated by medimops items, which clearly shows how much CO2 customers save by buying each item/p>

Office & people

Icon Grünstrom

More sustainable internal travel and purchasing guidelines

Icon Büromaterial

Maintaining the 50% female quota in management positions in Berlin and increasing the percentage of women in management positions in Leipzig and Szczecin

Icon Transporte

Reducing the sickness rate, esp. at logistics sites

Icon Transporte

Additional environmental protection initiatives and raising awareness of sustainability

1 The company Planetly was shut down on 4 November 2022 after being acquired by OneTrust one year prior.
2 By purchasing second-hand goods rather than new ones.
3 More information about savings made in relation to fashion items can be found at https://momox.biz/en/sustainability.
4 Relates to every step from sowing and cultivation through to transport and the coffee’s arrival in the cup.

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