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Every day, momox buys up to 150,000 products that people have looked after and loved. We feed these products into a regenerative system that contributes to our continued existence on this planet: the circular economy.
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By selling products on momox, you actively help to conserve resources and make our world more sustainable. And you can do so without giving up the things you love and all while getting some added benefits – for customers, for us as a company and for our planet.
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Sustainability has to be viable – for every lifestyle, for every need and for every budget. In the long term. That is why we regularly examine how we can best reconcile all the various needs in order to look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Our day-to-day actions – sustainability at momox
Circular economy, say what?

Buying and throwing away

The linear economy model has a harmful effect on resources and the environment. No matter what condition books, garments and other products are in, with linear use, they indiscriminately end up in the trash. The more reusable products we throw away, the more we pollute our planet.

Straightforward reuse

Thomas sells his clothes at the flea market. Sara sells her games and DVDs online. The buyers use the items they purchased until they eventually throw them away or give them away to be reused in the production of new items.

Reuse in multiple cycles

momox takes this one step further and bridges the gap between those who reuse once and those who reuse many times.



We buy items, check their quality and authenticity, and put them up for sale on momox fashion and medimops. And we inspire our customers to keep selling fashion items, books and media until they are genuinely no longer usable. The more care we take when handling works of literature, digital media and fashion items, the longer it will take for products to reach the end of their useful lives. What impact does this have? Flora and fauna benefit, as do the people actively helping to protect them.


What else do you do, momox?
In addition to the sustainable impact of our momox circular economy, we are taking our efforts to the next level with green and social initiatives. We’ll introduce you to a few of them here:



We regularly support projects we trust and build partnerships centred on sustainability. We partner with both small local project teams and large international organisations. You can view the breakdown of our donations and find out which organisations we are currently supporting here.

Sustainable packaging

We use recycled corrugated cardboard for orders of fashion items and systematically reduce our use of packing material. In addition, the materials we use for sending and storing items, such as adhesive tape, boxes and cartons, are made of environmentally-friendly or recycled fibres.

Gifting done differently

What about Christmas presents and other gifts for momox employees? We do without them. Every year, we select projects we are passionate about and feel particularly connected to and present them with donations equating to the value of internal gifts as part of an initiative entitled Time to give back.

Reducing waste

For several years now, we have been using pallets with a lifetime guarantee for internal shipments. We use these in place of cardboard boxes, which can only be reused up to three times. These also allow us to increase our transport volumes and save journeys as the pallets can be stacked higher in our lorries.

More green spaces

As part of an initiative called momox forest, 30 momox team members planted seedlings in an existing woodland located in a forest plantation area that had been prepared by a forester. The goal is to build a robust mixed forest with new, additional broad-leafed trees.

Shine bright

Light is essential, but there are light sources that allow us to move away from energy guzzlers and instead give precedence to sustainable options. We have therefore switched from conventional light sources to LEDs at all our sites and transitioned to green electricity in Germany. By doing so, we saved up to 1,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2022 alone.

Sustainability working group

An independent momox team met at least once a month to set and realise annual and quarterly goals as part of the OKR cycle workpath. Recently, nine colleagues from the HR, marketing, logistics, IT, controlling, office management and business development departments represented various perspectives in the company with the aim of driving forward environmentally-friendly change on the widest possible scale. Currently, we are continuing to realise annual goals and projects, which are mostly reflected in the Objectives and Key Results of various other teams, without an independent team.

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