Our logistics locations in Leipzig, Neuenhagen and Sczcecin are our lifelines. However, the heart of momox beats right in the center of Berlin! This is where the human story behind the re-commerce sales plays itself out. Based in Schreiberhauer Straße with more than 1,500m² space, more than 100 employees fill our two-story office with hustle and bustle. Our experts in the fields of Marketing, IT, Accounting, Sales, Legal Matters, Human Resources and Customer Support keep the place pulsing with energy.

momox offers all the advantages of a grown-up company while maintaining that startup drive. We rely on our employees’ personal sense of responsibility. We want to attract the best minds – people who push us forward, question our habits and build on our success. We think sustainably and learn something new every day. Everyone who plays a part in this company knows about the importance of flexibility. Loners are out of place here. We are all teamplayers.

Our Team in Berlin – join us!


Our IT Department – agile team players

Our IT Department consists of four teams that deal with software development in the fields of logistics, purchasing and sales, external marketplaces and pricing. Hierarchy here in IT? Not with us! We rely on our teams’ ability to organize themselves and in this way to stay flexible. The success of our teams is supported by Scrum Masters and Product Owners for standups, sprints and retrospectives. Do you know all about PHP5, HTML 5, Python, CSS3, JS/Ajax/JQuery, (No)SQL and TDD? You will find our current job offers here.

Our Marketing Department – more than creative minds!15c163-363

From the preparation of marketing strategies, to the right selection of the marketing mix, to the analysis of performance channels, and on to the targeted addressing of customers on different platforms or the collaboration with agencies: we are always in touch with the latest trends. For this reason we need dedicated employees who believe in the success of our marketing strategies and go out of their way to put them into practice. We are always looking for additional support for our Marketing team. Check out our open positions.


15c163-190Customer Support – reaching out to the customer

Via email and telephone our Customer Support are on hand to answer all of the customers’ questions regarding our homepage, marketplaces, purchases and sales as well as queries about orders and bills. With the growth of our newest fields of business – such as in fashion or in foreign countries (for instance in France, Great Britain and Canada) – our team is growing as well. Our colleagues from the Customer Support Department are characterized by endless patience, great enthusiasm and customer orientation. Do you feel comfortable in the support division and would you like to become part of this team? Then you should definitely check out our current open positions.

Commercial Department –world of numbers15c163-101

Our number crunchers and finance professionals apply themselves in the fields of controlling, accounting, payroll accounting, purchasing and legal matters. Our experts prepare plans, forecasts and reports, thereby ensuring that, at the end of the day, momox operates profitably. The members of the finance management team keep on developing and improving our internal processes. But we do not only invest in our processes; we also invest in our employees. Are you excited about the idea of a job that is focused on commerce and organization? Here you will find our current open positions.

15c163-470Human Resources – your local contact point 

Our colleagues from the HR Department make sure that our current staff of more than 1,600 employees have everything they need. Are we well positioned? Do we offer benefits that inspire our employees? How can we become an even better employer? In the HR Department we select applicants who will be the best fit for our teams. When it comes to personnel, we are not looking for administrators – we need doers, strategists and creatives who are highly dedicated to providing services. Do you recognize yourself in this description? And what’s more, are you enthusiastic, creative and capable of bringing others along with you? You can find our open positions here.

Teamwork at momox 15c163-786

Teamwork is important to us. This is why we make an effort to create a good working atmosphere and care in different ways for the wellbeing of every single employee. Our staff can take time out from their screens to relax at the PlayStation, play a game of table tennis or take part in one of our popular table-football matches. Our break-time areas offer opportunities for the staff to retreat and chill out. Lunch runs, yoga sessions and massages are just some of our latest offers to help our employees relax. Company parties, team events, workshops and casual get-togethers after work help colleagues grow together into a tightly knit team.

People at momox

Sandy, Online Marketing Manager

I have been at momox for four years now. I began as a trainee and was soon given the opportunity to work independently. Today, I manage the social media division and Iam responsible for public relations.

What do you like about working at momox?

It’s never boring and there are always exciting issues and challenges to deal with. My colleagues contribute much to the great working atmosphere. We help each other, understand each other and always have something to laugh about.

Paul, the medimops

I came to momox five years ago when I was a puppy, but my owner has worked for momox considerably longer. My tasks include watching the third floor, greeting the staff every morning and enjoying lots of cuddles.

What is special about your colleagues?

They smell really good and always have something edible on them. Unfortunately, they do not give any of this to me, and my owner is the only one allowed to feed me. They play with me and make weird noises when they see me.

Job offers

Have we captured your interest?momox_jobseite

Here are our current job offers for Berlin

Of course, we also accept unsolicited applications. Please apply here or send your full application with all relevant documents to

Do you have any questions regarding your application or our job offers? Just check out our FAQs or write to us at the above email address. The colleagues from our HR Department will be happy to help and advise you. We look forward to you!

FAQs – answers to frequently asked questions regarding your application for a job with momox in Berlin

Are all job openings current?

Our job openings are updated on a regular basis. You can apply for every job you see posted.

Which documents should I enclose with my online application?

In addition to a letter of motivation (which should include your earliest possible starting date and salary expectations), we ask you to submit a short, current CV. Please also upload references from your most recent jobs as well as certificates confirming your vocational training or further education. If you are interested in a creative job (for instance in the field of graphics and design), then samples of your work will also help us to assess your skills.

I would like to apply for different jobs. Is one application sufficient?

Please submit your application documents for each job that interests you separately. The documents will then be forwarded to the responsible person in the relevant department.

When can I expect a response to my application?

After receiving your application, we will send you an email as confirmation of receipt. The selection procedure is likely to take some time, because we examine all applications carefully.

How is the application process structured?

After receiving your application documents, they will be viewed by our HR Department in Berlin and then forwarded to the relevant department. Here your documents will be examined carefully, and this process may take some time.

Following this, we will contact you and, if applicable, invite you for interview to meet you in person. Here you will have the chance to get your first impression of our company, while we can get to know you better.

If our first impression of you is favorable, we will invite you to a second interview. This interview will be about the application of your professional knowledge, and you will gain realistic insights into our everyday work. Where applicable, we will settle all further details regarding your employment after the second interview. If we think you would fit into our company, we will make you a contractual offer.

What do I need to bring to the job interview?

As we would normally tend to have your application documents already, you do not need to bring anything else to the interview.

How can I prepare best for my personal interview?

Just take a close look at our website and check out our purchasing platform as well as our online shops and This is the best way for you to get an impression of our work. It will help neither you nor us if we don’t get to know each other well enough. We are interested in a successful and long-term collaboration with you and want to gain an authentic impression of you as a person. Please also think of questions that you want to ask us, because, at the end of the day, you are selecting us too. Find out for yourself if we are the right employer for you!

What do I need to wear to the job interview?

We do not have any dress code for our interviews or for everyday work. Feel free to choose a style of dress in which you feel at ease.

For how long will my data be stored?

After the completion of the application procedure, we are obliged to keep your application documents for six months. Your documents will be deleted at the end of this period. Please refer to our data privacy statement for further information.