ubup – Germany’s largest online second-hand shop!

Clothing purchased via momox.de is sold on ubup.com.

ubup stands for “used but precious”, and – true to this message – offers clothing that is used but just as precious as ever.
More than 200,000 second-hand fashion items and accessories from more than 1,500 brands, from fast-fashion to luxury designer brands: customers can chose their new favorite clothing items from different categories such an men, women or kids. ubup offers items at prices that are up to 90% lower than the original manufacturer price making the shop a true fashion paradise.

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More than 150,000 customers have already discovered ubup and taken advantage of the business model:

  • Free delivery and returns
  • Quality-tested items
  • Excellent customer service

Second-hand is no longer a no-go!

Second-hand fashion belongs in everybody’s wardrobe. We want to to establish purchasing quality-tested “pre-loved fashion” instead of new items – but without compromising on quality or service. Ubup offers shopping second-hand fashion without risks. See for yourself! More than 50% of Germans have already opted for second-hand fashion.