momox’ large media library with around seven million stored items is located near the exhibition hall Neue Messe in Leipzig. More than 700 employees handle the logistics processes involved in the purchasing and selling of different types of media items (books, films, CDs and games). Each day, we receive up to 100,000 media items here that we have purchased via our platform momox.de. True to our motto “We give used products a new home”, we resell these items via our own online shop medimops.de, after having performed a thorough quality control.

Are you interested in books, films and CDs, and would you like to work in our giant media library? You will find our current job offers here.

Our processes

momox is always on the move! In the world of internet trade the situation can change rapidly as orders wax and wane. Marketing measures or even the weather can have a great impact on the selling and buying behavior of customers. On the one hand, this requires a high degree of flexibility; on the other hand, it frequently makes the processes – and everyday work – exciting.

The work processes connected to purchase and sales can be divided into two large divisions: the inbound division is responsible for handling incoming items, whereas the outbound division deals with the processing of used products that have been sold.




The receiving division is where the goods are received. The packages that we receive every day are carefully opened here, excess packing material is removed and the delivery note scanned. In this way the customer at home can track in real time the processing of his products.

In the checking division it is all about having an eye for detail, since this is where our quality control takes place. Our employees check every single item, scanning them and evaluating their quality and how they look, before entering the details into our computer system. In this way, the customer can be informed about the condition of the item for sale at www.medimops.de.

In the stacking & stocking division the purchased products are entered into our stocking system. The exact position of each stocked item is recorded by scanner – and can therefore be quickly located at all times.


Momox  Momox  


Our outbound division is subdivided into the picking and the packing divisions.

In the picking division a good sense of orientation is an absolute must. Here the products ordered by the customer are gathered from the shelf system. For this purpose, we use a so-called picking list, which the employees receive at a computer terminal. The picking list states the exact location of the relevant item, including shelf, shelf compartment and position. The located items are first transported on the picking cart and then transferred to the packing division via our conveyor system.

This is where our employees pack, frank and ship the ordered items.

Current job offers

photo © Christoph Busse

People at momox

Michael, Jumper

I have been working in the outbound division at momox since December 2011. I started in the picking division, went through all the other divisions and am currently deployed as Jumper.

Why did you choose momox?

I had been looking for a new job for almost one year, when I applied to momox and was given the job. Because of my handicap it is extremely difficult to apply for and to get a job, therefore I was very happy about the positive answer.

Iris, Inbound Employee and Trainer

I have been at momox since May 2014. I started out in the checking division and got to know all the work processes before I switched to problem-checking and became a trainer.

What is special about your fellow trainers?

In my opinion, it’s their empathy that makes them special. And they also need it, because the many people working here are so diverse. Each person is different and has his or her individual strengths and weaknesses – which makes it especially necessary for the trainers to be capable of empathizing. If we have any questions, we can ask our colleagues for help: no one knows everything, not even the trainers.

Denis, Inbound Team Leader

When I first came to momox in 2011, I worked part time. After two months my hours were increased to full-time, and one year later I was promoted to Team Leader.

Why did you choose momox as your employer?

I was looking for a job in the logistics sector and soon came across momox. I was employed shortly after my unsolicited application. There is a fresh challenge awaiting me every day. This keeps the work exciting.

Job offers

Have we inspired you and caught your interest? Here are our current job offers:

Forwarding Merchant (m/f)

Area Manager (m/f)

Team Leader in the Logistics Center (m/f)

Logistics Employee / Picker (m/f)

Night-Shift Employee (m/f)

Student Employee in Human Resources (m/f)

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Apply now, preferably using our online application tool, or send your application documents by post to  momox GmbH, Personalabteilung, Am Alten Flughafen 1, D 04356 Leipzig.

Do you have any questions regarding your application or the job offers?

In our FAQs you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Do you still have some questions? Then write an email to recruitment@momox.biz.

Where can you find us?

Our logistics location in Leipzig is situated on the former premises of the mail oder company Quelle near the Neue Messe. Please follow the old signposting for Quelle to TOR 1 (Gate 1), where you will find our administration building with the Human Resources Department and the main entrance.

Public transport: Tram 16 to Messegelände, city trains to S-Bahn station Messe; please note that walking will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

FAQs – answers to frequently asked questions regarding your application for a job with momox in Leipzig

Are all job openings current?

Our job openings are updated on a regular basis. You can apply for every job you see posted.

Which documents should I enclose with my online application?

In addition to a letter of motivation (which should include your earliest possible starting date and salary expectations), we ask you to submit a short, current CV. Please also upload references from your most recent jobs.

I would like to apply for different jobs. Is one application sufficient?

Please submit your application documents for each job that interests you separately. The documents will then be forwarded to the responsible person in the relevant department.

When can I expect a response to my application?

After receiving your application, we will send you an email as confirmation of receipt. The selection procedure is likely to take some time, because we examine all applications carefully.

How is the application process structured?

After receiving your application documents, they will be viewed by our HR Department. Your documents will be examined carefully, and this process may take some time.

Following this, we will contact you and, if applicable, invite you for interview to meet you in person. The application procedure will take place in groups and consists of a theoretical part and practical training.

If we think you would fit into our company, we will make you a contractual offer.

What do I need to bring to the job interview?

As we would normally tend to have your application documents already, you do not need to bring anything else to the interview.

How can I prepare best for my personal interview?

Just take a close look at our website and check out our purchasing platform momox.de as well as our online shops medimops.de and ubup.com. This is the best way for you to get an impression of our work.

What do I need to wear to the job interview?

We do not have any dress code for our interviews or for everyday work. Feel free to choose a style of dress in which you feel at ease.

For how long will my data be stored?

After the completion of the application procedure, we are obliged to keep your application documents for six months. Your documents will be deleted at the end of this period. Please refer to our data privacy statement for further information.